Consciousness in Cells

October 14, 2022

I think all bacteria and cells are conscious to some degree. My model of consciousness for an animal is that neurons send EM homuncular code using the axons of neurons to a central dark matter baby universe homuncular particle that evolved over many universe generations in the brain that serves as a tiny holodeck for a virtual homunculus representing the animal. The inside of cells and bacteria also have microtubules as kind of a skeleton for the cell and could send EM homuncular code to a dark matter baby universe particle surrounded by a simple EM wave focusing crystal in the nucleus of the cell.

It might be like living in a cartoon VR world to be a dark matter particle in a cell solving puzzles and recognizing danger thereby giving the cell more immune function and computational ability. Dark matter particles in neurons might also compose valid EM homuncular code to be sent out of their axon but they might not necessarily understand it and get feedback if the code was appreciated. The most conscious cells might be mobile macrophages (immune system white cells) since they move around and act like a predatory animal. It might even be possible to communicate with macrophages using the EM homuncular code to urge them to give preference to going after a certain type of pathogen. Although the dark matter particles in neurons are more likely to believe in a higher power because they are closer to a higher power – the dark matter baby universe particle of the animal in the center of their brain.

I think artificial bodies wouldn’t need to have conscious cells but mindless computation might be too unreliable for certain tasks in real biological cells and might have to be solved by a consciousness that gets pleasure by solving games in a VR world and not always aware of the utility of their efforts — only that they do get rewarded with pleasure.

The origin of life on Earth could have happened much easier when you have dark matter baby universe consciousness particles capable of motivated reasoning that can interface with bodies right from the first species of bacteria. In the future, death and pain could be mostly gone with custom artificial bodies that interface with a dark matter baby universe particle because they can easily be upgraded or replaced!

Romaine Brette’s Original Definition of “Subjective Physics”

September 29, 2022

In 2013, theoretical neuroscientist Romain Brette of Paris, France made a proposal that:

” I propose to name subjective physics the description of the laws that govern sensory signals and their relationships with actions, as observed from the perspective of the perceptual system of the organism. “

Although Romaine Brette is not a panpsychist like I am, I got a lot of useful ideas from him. He objected to trivial neural codes as being useless but it got me thinking: what about an extremely sophisticated homuncular code that encodes all the senses all at once! The immediate obvious question would be: what could decode the homuncular code and transduce it to consciousness? It would have to be like a very small programmable holodeck with a virtual homunculus that has a certain body reacting to what is happening in the tiny holodeck. The libertarian free will actions of the virtual homunculus would then need to be encoded to a homuncular free will code and sent out of the holodeck so it can command a brain.

Such a tiny holodeck must be very complicated — how could that be? But then I thought, how can anything be conscious unless panpsychism is true — the finite universe must be conscious and it must be very complicated to think, perceive and act! I decided it must have a long universal genetic code that accounts for it being so complicated that evolved over an enormous number of universe generations and dark matter particles must be the baby universes that are like tiny programmable holodecks!

I thought that if dark matter particles can be a homunculus then they would be reactive if they detect homuncular code. I hypothesized that the electric charge would dramatically increase in the presence of EM homuncular code so it can communicate with an external brain and body. The microtubules of neurons could send/receive EM homuncular code to/from a dark matter baby universe particle surrounded be an EM focusing crystal.

Custom artificial bodies could be made that interfaces with a dark matter homuncular crystal using the EM homuncular code and could be designed for the demanding environments of planets, moons, and even the vacuum of space! Death and pain could be mostly gone with custom artificial bodies controlled by a dark matter baby universe particle because they can easily be upgraded or replaced!

Life on the Moon

September 10, 2022

I have been writing a science fiction novel and a speculative subjective physics book simultaneously. Each book provides ideas to the other book so both books will end up being higher quality. When I slow down on writing one book, I switch to writing the other book bringing along fresh ideas.

Subjective physics is the theory that universes and their high mass particle offspring are alive and evolved by natural selection to be smart conscious homunculi that can be attached to an enormous variety of bodies and feel like that it is their body. The brain sends and receives electromagnetic code to and from a high mass dark matter baby universe particle surrounded by a electromagnetic wave focusing crystal. Artificial bodies would just need to interface with a homuncular crystal which has a dark matter particle at its center.

I don’t think it would be the far, far future for artificial bodies to become a reality! If it becomes clear that dark mater baby universe particles are playing a central role in brains then massive investments in research will elucidate the physics of primordial black hole dark matter baby universes particles rather quickly! The EM homuncular code (the EM code that a brain and a dark matter particle use to communicate) might take longer to fully crack but that too will be decoded with enough effort!

I think technology is mostly already good enough to build artificial bodies. It might not be that long before spaceships are blasting off to the Moon with thousands of dark matter homuncular crystals in a heavily protected black box that hosts a VR world in transit on a SpaceX spaceship. When the SpaceX spaceship gets to the Moon and lands, the homuncular crystal can be transferred to artificial bodies manufactured on the Moon specifically designed to work well in the lunar environment.

This would allow the population of the Moon to rapidly increase because one spaceship can bring thousands or even millions of settlers with one trip!

The artificial bodies wouldn’t need food, water, or oxygen and could withstand massive temperature variations and radiation! It would only need electricity which is easy to come by. The residents could be employed in construction, manufacturing, mining, tourism and scientific research at the prestigious Lunar University!

Life on the Dyson Sphere

September 10, 2022

In my sci-fi story, the population of an incomplete Dyson Sphere encircling the Sun is much greater than that of Earth. Most people prefer having highly advanced artificial bodies that they control with their dark matter baby universe particle optimized for the vacuum of space and enjoy being able to travel at high speed from one part of the Dyson Sphere to another. The enormous population and almost complete freedom from death and pain cause a lot of scientific, technological, and cultural achievements. When visiting Earth from the Dyson Sphere, people have their dark matter homuncular crystal moved to a black box that immerses them in a VR world and then travel to Earth in a spacecraft and descend to the surface. On the surface, their dark matter baby universe homuncular crystal is moved to an artificial body suitable for Earth. The process is reversed on ascent and when they get back home on the Dyson Sphere, their dark matter baby universe particle can be reunited with their usual body.

Although things were going mostly well — there was still a West-East split on Earth and on the Dyson Sphere. The West-East split is flaring up over the question of which side will control Jupiter and its moons. Also, of concern, is reports of torture — because, before death was mostly conquered, dark matter baby universes could be treated badly 100 years at most, usually much less and then maybe they would reincarnate and maybe have a better life the next time. But, powerful evildoers were still a big threat and the suffering could last much longer. On top of that, new war weapons were made that were just way too evil and destructive.

The Universe, Mr. and Mrs. Universe, Tin and Uni, decide it is time to incarnate and save their Earth children from possible horrible fates — they can’t procrastinate any more — they tolerated the suffering of their Earth children before – because they wanted them to have a lot of self-reliance – because they knew it couldn’t last long — a century at most — but now everything has changed — they must incarnate and negotiate our solar system’s entry into the UE, the Universal Empire that Uni and Tin head, consisting of 143 other galaxies. So many things can go wrong and they must take things very slowly because most of the powerful people not wanting to concede any power think Uni and Tin are powerful conquering ETs that must be stopped, not Mr. and Mrs. Universe that married, rotated around each other and caused the big bang as they claim.

There is a lot of ups and downs, and catastrophes, but eventually our solar system joins the UE and stargates are installed for instant intergalactic travel to the other 143 populated galaxies and something like Heaven essentially arrives! Uni and Tin, the Universe, become the highest authority insuring not only death and pain will be gone but also ignorance and being ruled over by powerful evildoers so that Uni and Tin’s Earth children can thrive and be adult universes eventually, marry and merge with another universe and create a new universe in a big bang and simultaneously conceive an enormous number of dark matter baby universe offspring that can later be attached to an enormous variety of bodies whether natural or artificial!

Libertarian Free Will is Real

September 3, 2022

If you tell someone you should change your beliefs and also say that libertarian free will doesn’t exist then you are the one that sounds irrational. If you believe libertarian free will doesn’t exist which takes a lot of academic education (we are all robots indoctrination common in hard sciences) to achieve then you are more likely to fall into an echo chamber and believe it is impossible to change your mind because you don’t really believe in either I (personal identity with libertarian free will) or mind (mind stuff separate from brain stuff) because you think we are all brain machines!

I used to go back and forth on libertarian free will — must be true — can’t be true — and then repeat until I decided it must be true — and I became happier and understood people better! It doesn’t mean rejecting science — it means having a more grown up and useful version of science where pleasure, pain, audio perception, 3D visual perception and especially libertarian free will are actually real and central to physics and cosmology!

I think imagining how libertarian free will can be real comes down to time perception — a unified whole having more time perception than it parts allowing partial control. Death, pain, and isolation on Earth can be mostly solved if we can make custom artificial bodies and move our consciousness into it! There must be high mass dark matter baby universe mind particles that can be interfaced with natural or artificial bodies that evolved over many universe generations because smart conscious universes that interface with a large variety of external bodies will naturally win the game of universe reproduction! Understanding subjective physics will change everything for the better eventually, I think!

You are a Baby Universe!

August 26, 2022

I was struck reading books by Penrose and also Smolin how freakishly low entropy the early universe was and thinking this is no accident — either it was intelligently designed or it came about after an extremely lengthy time of evolution of universes by natural selection! In fact, Smolin did come up with a theory that our universe is a product of cosmological natural selection which I thought was brilliant!

Believing that the universe happened by accident is like believing in spontaneous generation of life with no parents which many smart people like Aristotle actually believed but is now considered very silly!

I thought a lot about the question of what would universes evolve toward if they were life. I came to the conclusion that they and their high mass dark matter particle offspring would evolve to be smart conscious homunculi that could be attached to an enormous variety of bodies and have the experience that it was their natural body! If dark matter particles have the power of visual and audio perception because they are baby universes and the product of a very long evolution of universes where the smartest, most perceptual, most able to respond with libertarian free will, externally interface with the largest variety of body types and reproduce the most in a big bang then they will be the universes that are most numerous! Survival of the fittest homuncular conscious universe reproducers!

A high mass dark matter baby universe homuncular particle surrounded by a crystal to focus the electromagnetic homuncular code (dark matter in awake brains would have an electric charge) might be the homunculus in all conscious animals! The EM homuncular code is a language or code for a dark matter particle serving as homunculus to send coded streams of photons to the brain for free will actions and decisions and receive codes for sounds, images, ideas, emotions and other qualia.

You might be a high mass dark matter baby universe particle serving as homunculus in your brain with the entire genetic code to make a universe far in the future, a universal genetic code! Billions or trillions of years from now, you might be an adult universe, marry and merge with another universe and cause a big bang and then raise an enormous number of newly conceived dark matter particles that take billions or trillions of years to mature into a new universe!

Using Subjective Physics to Enable Mobile Phones to Recall Memories

August 26, 2022

My idea is that universes evolve to be virtual homunculi for a wide variety of external body types and dark matter particles are the baby universes that serve as virtual homunculi for humans and animals!

The dark matter particle would have a different physics in an awake brain because the brain would be sending out valid EM homuncular codes that dark matter particles reacts to and gains a large positive electric charge so it can communicate with the brain by EM homuncular code.

There would be visual, audio, olfactory, as well as somatosensory codes. As far as memory, there would probably be memory homuncular codes. If the brain’s neural nets recognize a situation to be similar to when memory 5762 was laid down — the brain might send the EM homuncular code to recall memory 5762. This opens up the possibility you can recall your memories on purpose by sending EM homuncular codes to your dark matter baby universe particle!

I think long term memories might really be stored in one place — a dark matter baby universe homuncular particle in a brain. In the near future there might be mobile phones that can help you recall a specific memory by sending EM memory homuncular codes. Sending visual and audio perceptions requires a very sophisticated understanding of the EM homuncular code and will take some time — but it I think it will cure blindness and deafness! I think a mobile phone sending EM memory homuncular codes that command a dark matter baby universe particle to recall a specific long term memory is much simpler and might be the first practical application of subjective physics! Simply hold your mobile phone to a specific part of your head to recall a certain memory and the phone will send the appropriate EM memory homuncular code to your dark matter baby universe particle that is surrounded by a EM focusing crystal and you will recall the memory! I think that is all the brain does — sends EM memory homuncular codes to your dark matter baby universe particle to recall a long term memory!

Fishing for Conscious Dark Matter

June 13, 2022

Ordinary matter while very good for constructing bodies and machines doesn’t seem sufficient for the minds we have since it is so simple and quantum decoherence is so fast and unpredictable! I think dark matter is a good candidate for a mind particle since they could be very high mass baby universes that communicates with a brain! Dark matter in outer space might not have an electrical charge because it is not part of a brain and there is nothing to communicate with. I think dark matter might have an electrical charge in an awake brain and communicates with the brain using an EM homuncular code that evolved over many universe generations and that you are a virtual homunculus in a virtual holodeck in a dark matter baby universe particle in your brain!

You might be a high mass dark matter particle serving as homunculus in your brain with the entire genetic code to make a universe far in the future, a universal genetic code! Billions or trillions of years from now, you might be an adult universe, marry and merge with another universe and cause a big bang and then raise an enormous number of newly conceived dark matter particles that take billions or trillions of years to mature into a new universe!

If you want to construct a conscious being with a body, you need to start with a dark matter particle harvested from an animal brain or perhaps you can go fishing for a new dark matter baby universe homuncular particle by creating a region of space that has concentrated intense EM Homuncular code that will give passing dark matter particles an electric charge which enables them to be captured, enclosed in an EM focusing crystal, given a brain and body, and then you can adopt, raise and educate him/her as your child!

Cyborg Bodies

June 10, 2022

When the artificial body industry becomes the top industry and death and pain mostly conquered, some people might prefer a hybrid artificial/natural cyborg body where their dark matter baby universe homuncular particle interfaces with a hyper advanced artificial brain with very high IQ and and a very advanced artificial body that is better than a natural body in most ways but also has some parts that are natural/biological.

Natural bodies might compete for a long time with artificial bodies, so both men and women might want natural skin, hair, and body hair that produces all the right smells so they can attract a high quality mate with a natural body. Of course, then they would have to eat and drink to supply nutrients to the biological parts of their bodies. They might also want a fully functional reproductive system capable of conceiving a baby, biological penis, testes and prostate in men and in women a functional vagina, clitoris, ovaries, uterus and lactating breasts!

That way, people with artificial bodies could conceive, grow in pregnancy and feed with real human milk, a biological baby! The only biological parts these people with artificial bodies would have is the reproductive system! Even the skin, hair, body hair and scent glands could arguably be considered part of the reproductive system because it helps in attracting a high quality mate with a biological body!

Higher Powers

May 29, 2022

At the age of 16 when I was in college studying advanced math and science, I got this strong feeling that my destiny was to conquer death and pain using math and science!

It wasn’t just that I thought I was very intelligent and had an awesome imagination, I thought a higher power like the Universe was feeding me these ideas. The problem is that a higher power giving you a destiny is more like religion which is kind of the enemy of science according to some people.

But I could resolve my belief in a higher power with my love of math and science if I made higher powers part of science and subject to the theory of evolution — the supposed arch-enemy of believers in higher powers.

I also believed in libertarian free will which I realized is like a whole having partial control over its parts — so I already believed in higher powers — every conscious being is a higher power over its parts — every person is a higher power over their consciousness — everybody is a god that can shrink or grow in capabilities but usually grow because conscious beings learn and become wise!

In many ways that affirms and denies higher powers — yes higher powers exist but everybody is also a higher power to their parts and may in the far future be a higher power than all the current higher powers — there is no permanent higher power that can never be challenged — higher powers must serve lower powers if they want to remain higher powers!